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Style of Your Choice - Flat iron, curling iron, etc. $30

Up-do’s -$55 and up (Depending on the up-do's detail length and thickness of the hair )

Roller Set- including shampoo, condition, style/or comb out - $65

* New * Curl Former Set - $45 & up depending on length and thickness of the hair

Do you have a special event coming up?

Schedule your up-do appointment or try a feather or tinsel lock extension for added glamour.

Feather Locks:

One feather for $12 or 3 for $30

includes the finest feathers in a wide variety of colors, lengths and styles, which are applied with a Donna Bella extension bead customized to match your existing hair color. Our feather extensions are made for your everyday wear and are able to be cut, washed, blow-dried & styled with no worries.

New-growth maintenance on your Donna Bella bead - $7

Tinsel Locks:

$4 per strand or $30 per bundle (bundle includes 10 pieces)

Tinsel Hair Extensions are one of the hottest hair accessory trends! Tinsel Extensions are individual, colorful strands of sparkling tinsel that can be attached the same way hair extensions are attached. Tinsel Hair Extensions add a shimmering, colorful look for all types of hair. Just attach a few strands for a casual, playful look or attach several strands for a more impressive, striking look for a night out on the town.

-The Tinsel can be washed, blown dry, brushed, curled, and flat ironed (200°C and lower). With proper care and maintenance, hair tinsel will last anywhere from 2-5 weeks.

* Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Offering you: Donna Bella Extensions - I-link Extensions Tape - In Extensions Clip -In Extensions

* Consult with your Elite stylist for your Individual needs and Pricing Today and we'll have you looking Cute As A Button !!